The Hodge Podgecast

This is where Country Hodge Podge began. The Hodge Podgecast. We started by buying recording equipment so we could talk about country music whenever we wanted. Our friends wanted to know who to listen to, so we decided that we would oblige.

The Country Hodge Podge wasn't even in our minds when it began, and now it's expanded to a full-fledged website.

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54 - Jason Aldean

This week, we talk about Dierks Bentley's new song The Mountain, the ACM winners, the Billboard nominees, and Jason Aldean's best songs.

53 - Kip Moore

This week, we talk about dating girls who hate country music and how Kip Moore isn't really a country artist yet still makes fantastic music. Then we count down his ten best songs.

52 - Jason Cassidy

This week, we talk about the Tailgate N' Tallboys lineups, how radio edits hurt songs, Parmalee attempting to win the title of worst country song ever, all of the great albums released last week, and Jason Cassidy and his best songs.

51 - Brantley Gilbert

This week, we talk about Rodney Atkins' terrible comeback single, the Colter Wall and Local Honeys concert, and the very good and very bad from Brantley Gilbert.

50 - Cody Jinks

This week, we talk about Keith Urban desecrating the corpse of Merle Haggard, Kacey Musgraves going disco, and Cody Jinks' best songs


49 - Jason Boland & The Stragglers

This week, we talk about Chicago sports being not so good, our St Patty's Day (live podcast!) plans, and Kevin talks about his favorite Jason Boland & The Stragglers songs.

48 - Good Songs from Bad Artists

We're celebrating our first birthday with a special episode! We're discussing Dustin Lynch's embarrassing Twitter meltdown, Steve's childish Twitter habits, why the size of a following doesn't mean anything, and some great songs from artists that tend to normally put out bad music.

47 - American Aquarium

This week, we talk about the Robert Ellis and Adriel Denae concert from last weekend, the ACM Award nominations, and BJ Barham/ American Aquarium's best songs.

46 - Lee Brice

This week, we talk about ordering too many tacos, Coors Light, Joshua Hedley's awesome quote about country music, Lee Brice's career, and Steve counts down his best songs.


45 - Country Love Songs

This week, we talk about Daryle Singletary's passing, the Ameripolitan Award winners, song of the year contender "Parked out by the Lake," and a few of the best country love songs.


44 - Sturgill Simpson

This week, we discuss the lineups of the Windy City Smokeout, Tumbleweed, and Hinterland, the Mike and the Moonpies and Jason Boland concert from over the weekend, and Sturgill Simpson and his best songs.

43 - Turnpike Troubadours

This week, we talk about Wheeler Walker Jr's weak sobriety bit, what the Grammy's got right and wrong, and Turnpike Troubadours' best songs.

42 - Kenny Chesney

This week, we talk about Justin Timberlake's new song featuring Chris Stapleton, how the flood gates have opened for pop music to take over country radio, Kevin talks about the Pokey LaFarge and Rayland Baxter concerts from last week, and we talk about Kenny Chesney's best songs.


41 - Josh Turner

Disclaimer: There are some recording issues with part of this episode, but overall it's still the same mediocre show you've come to know and tolerate.

This week, we talk about Mitchell Tenpenny's atrocious song "Bitches," last week's best album releases, and Josh Turner's best songs.


40 - Dale Watson Interview

This week, we talk about The MusicFest and how we wish we were there, then we talk with Ameripolitan legend Dale Watson about walking away from the term "country," starting a new genre and awards show, artists such as Margo Price, Whitey Morgan, and Bonnie Montgomery, and Dale Watson shares a hilarious Billy Joe Shaver story.

39 - Alan Jackson

Happy New Year! This week, we talk about Justin Timberlake maybe making a country(ish) album and how much of a badass Alan Jackson is and his best songs.

38 - A Look Back at 2017

We end the year talking about how our lives changed in 2017 for better and for worse, all of the amazing music we were introduced to after starting this podcast and our website, our favorite concerts and festivals, and why we're looking forward to 2018!

37 - Country Christmas Songs

This week, we talk about eating too much at work luncheons, how we spend our Christmas, then Steve lists his top ten favorite country Christmas songs.


36 - Bonnie Montgomery Interview

Bonus episode!! This week, we talk about the new Star Wars movie and chat with the amazing Ameripolitan award winning outlaw country artist Bonnie Montgomery about her career and fantastic upcoming album.

35 - George Strait

This week, we're joined by Doug, the boy with the name we hate the most to talk about Chris Stapleton dominating the sales charts, Kacey Musgrave's upcoming album, Colter Wall coming to Iowa, and King George Strait's best songs and how legends get kicked outta country.


34 - Kacey Musgraves

This week, we discuss Kevin's inability to grow a mustache, Spotify's year in review, and Kacey Musgraves' best songs.


33 - Blake Shelton

This week, we discuss the Grammy's, Ira Wolf, Kate Rhudy, Pringles, how to pronounce the last name Beathard, and Blake Shelton's best songs.


32 - Wade Bowen

This week, we talk about how we were snubbed again for People Magazine's sexiest man alive, how the Tortuga Music Festival lineup confuses the hell out of us, Steve talks about how he cried at a Wade Bowen concert, and we talk about Wade Bowen's best songs.


31 - Jamie Lin Wilson

This week, we recap the CMAs, talk about Jamie Lin Wilson's best songs and seeing her in concert, and Kevin doesn't know when I hit record.

30 - Travis Meadows

This week, we discuss Sober November (for Steve) and working out, Luke Bryan's odd choice for opening acts, and Travis Meadows' life, career, and best songs.


29 - Craig Campbell

This week, we talk about Kip Moore, Randy Rogers, and Wade Bowen not coming to Joe's in Chicago, dek hockey and rugby, and Craig Campbell's career and best songs.


28 - Whitey Morgan

This week, we discuss Luke Bryan's half-assed return to country music, how Walker Hayes sucks, and Kevin counts down Whitey Morgan's ten best songs.


27 - Dierks Bentley

This week, we talk about Country Thunder lowering the bar even further when it comes to their lineup, we talk about Dierks Bentley's career and our favorite songs by him, and Kevin stares at the TV waiting for the Cubs game to start.

26 - Erin Enderlin Interview

This week, we discuss this week's tragedies, the Cody Jinks/ Whiskey Myers concert from last week and Chris Stapleton concert this week, and we talk with the phenomenal Erin Enderlin about her career as a singer/songwriter!

Check out her new album, Whiskeytown Crier!

Find Erin online:


25 - Randy Rogers Band

Two truths and a lie! This week, we review our time at Medicine Stone, we talk about our favorite Randy Rogers songs, and Kevin comes out of the closet live on air.


24 - Medicine Stone Preview

This week, we are getting excited for Medicine Stone, so we discuss our ten favorite artists that will be playing this weekend! We also discuss the albums that came out last week, because there are a lot of great ones.

23 - Chris Young

This week, we discuss Don Williams and Troy Gentry passing away, the CMA Award nominations, and Chris Young's career and best songs.


22 - Josh Abbott Band

This week, we discuss Luke Bryan's new single, Chris Young being invited into the Grand Ole Opry, Cale Tyson's concert in Davenport, and Josh Abbott Band's career and best songs.


21 - Jamey Johnson

This week,, we answer Google's related questions, this week's album releases, and Jamey Johnson's career and best songs.

20 - Aaron Lewis

This week, we talk about Glen Campbell's passing, how Jason Derulo is not and will probably never be a country artist, and Aaron Lewis' transition from rock to country music and his best songs.

19 - Having an Opinion Online

This week, we discuss the backlash we received for Steve's unfavorable review of Chase Rice's newest single, how the terms "opinion" and "fact" are not interchangeable no matter how much the internet thinks so, and Whiskey Shivers' new album (and one song in particular).

18 - Aaron Watson

This week, we talk about the Windy City Smokeout and meeting Mike Ryan, why we aren't going to Country Thunder this weekend, and Aaron Watson's career and best songs.

17 - Jake Owen

This week, we discuss the Windy City Smokeout lineup, how we're officially a legitimate website thanks to Brandon Rhyder and being able to review his album early, and Jake Owen's career and best songs.

16 - Chris Stapleton

This week, we talk about Lee Greenwood Appreciation Day (4th of July), the argument about defining (or refusing to define) country music a la Saving Country Music, Bobby Bones, and Whiskey Riff, and Chris Stapleton's songwriting career and solo career.

15 - Sunny Sweeney

This week, we talk about Walker "Sam Hunt's clone" Hayes' and Toby Keith's sad excuses for singles, how the Backstreet Boys have a #1 song on country radio, and Sunny Sweeney's best songs (in our opinion). We also discuss last week's album releases.

14 - Luke Combs

This week, we discuss Shania Twain's newest single, Rolling Stone's top 100 country artists, the John Moreland concert from last week, and Luke Combs' best songs.

13 - John Moreland

Is there a better song writer than John Moreland? This week, we discuss launching our new website Country Hodge Podge, review last week's album releases, and talk about how excited we are to see John Moreland live while discussing our top 10 favorite songs by him (poorly).

12 - Justin Moore

Are you able to Hank it? This week, we discuss the CMT Awards and how we didn't watch them, how everyone in Nashville is suddenly a Predators fan, and Justin Moore's career and decide on our top 5 favorite songs. We also review last week's album releases.

11 - Sam Outlaw

Country music has a soundtrack to every moment of our lives, especially the bad ones. This week, we talk about our favorite Sam Outlaw songs, songs we listen to during break ups, and songs we listen to when we are moving on from the girls who did us wrong. We also discuss Chris Stapleton's injury and Kevin's time at the Sean Costanza and Zach Schmidt concert.


10 - Zac Brown Band

Can you return to country after abandoning it? This week, we discuss Medicine Stone's lineup, Brett Eldredge's and Chris Young's new singles, and Zac Brown Band's discography and what music by them you should listen to or avoid.

9 - Brad Paisley

After a little break, we are back! This week, we are joined by another Hodge to discuss Body Like a Backroad and how it needs to go away, we review two weeks worth of albums and discuss Brad Paisley's music and what you should listen to and what you should avoid.

8 - Festivals and Bars

Should you record a podcast when you're wasted? Probably not. This week, we talk about the Cody Johnson concert from last week, meeting a co-founder of Whiskey Riff, and how we feel about festivals, stadium country, and honky tonk concerts. I am too drunk to taste this chicken.

7 - Cody Johnson

We're sorry. Or are we? This week, we discuss our separate experiences at two different Eric Church concerts, take a step back and reevaluate the Whiskey Riff article from last week (sort of), and discuss Cody Johnson's music and which songs by him you should be listening to.

6 - Brandy Clark

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This week, we talk about our experience at the Whiskey Myers concert this past Friday, dispute our first ever angry piece of mail from a listener, rant about how Whiskey Riff has cemented itself as the worst country music blog on the internet thanks to the worst blog post ever written, and discuss which songs Brandy Clark has written and which songs you should listen to.

5 - Whiskey Myers

How do two Northern men feel about the Ballad of a Southern Man? This week, we talk about the atrocity that is the ACM Awards, how someone can be so dumb as to think that Jason Isbell and Jason Boland are lame, and how excited we are for the Whiskey Myers concert this weekend.

4 - Trace Adkins

You hate to see us go but love watch us leave with our honkytonk badonkadonks. This week, we talk about Keith Urban's poor fashion choices, Luke Combs' upcoming album, Nintendo 3DS and Iron Fist (for some reason), and discuss Trace Adkins' life and music.

3 - Jason Isbell

This week, Steve and Kevin talk about how middle aged men's primary audience shouldn't be college aged women, the hypocrisy of country blogs that claim they like real country, and discuss Jason Isbell and his effects on the country music scene as an Americana artist.

2 - Drinking Songs

Cheers! Steve and Kevin are up early on Saturday for St Patrick's Day. Beers are being poured, rants are being ranted, and music's being discussed. We discuss pop music, where the expressions "Is this Eric Church?" and "Can't get no chicken after 9" come from, and what songs you should drink alcohols to. I shouldn't be in charge of uploading this while inebriated.

1.5 - Eric Church (Revisited)

In our first mini episode, Steve and Kevin talk about concerts and movies, recent album releases, and revisit Eric Church to see what effect he has on country music.

1 - Eric Church

In our first episode, Steve and Kevin talk about Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton at award shows, Merle Haggard, how Chicago is an expensive place to drink, and what songs by Eric Church are overlooked or overrated.

And Kevin swears a lot.