What the Hell, Toby Keith?

Toby Keith has recorded some terrible songs in his career. Red Solo Cup is stupid. But Wacky Tobaccy is braindead. As far back as I can remember in his career, he has had some dumb songs that are meant to be fun. And they are. I've sang along to Too Drunk to Karaoke with Jimmy Buffett, Get Out of My Car offended feminazis everywhere, Runnin' Block reminded me of times when standards and inhibitions were lowered, and I Wanna Talk About Me showed the humor in being in an annoying relationship.

Weed With Willie is a song that any Toby Keith fan knows, and that song is harmless. It is a good sing-along weed smokin' song with a funny story. But this. I can't wrap my head around it. It isn't clever. It isn't catchy. It's annoying.

To some, Toby Keith has been known for years as the face of the downfall of country music, pretty much inventing the laundry list. To others, he's a goddamn flag waving, terrorist slaying, middle finger waving, purebred American who farts more Patriotism than Captain America punching Hitler in the mouth. Toby Keith apologists will love this song. That's fine. I'm not here to tell you that you're wrong.

My problem with this music video isn't the song. I don't like it, obviously, but I hate the video because it was obviously filmed in one day with little-to-no effort. They seemed to have arrived at their next venue a few hours early for a show and decided to whip out a camera and get a video rolling. Toby Keith looks like he just woke up from a 4 night bender and probably smoked a little wacky tobaccy right before filming. Willie Nelson looks like he's being controlled by a first time puppeteer.

These might be stupid complaints, but I've never disliked a Toby Keith song this much. All of the songs I mentioned before have tickled a funny bone. This video doesn't make me want to party. It doesn't make me want to smoke weed. It kind of makes me want to eat pizza. But the thing it definitely makes me want to do is stop Toby Keith from his pattern of annual half-assed albums.



Second Opinion
by Kevin Hodge

I am a Toby Keith apologist on many levels due to the fact that a dumb patriotic song ALWAYS sounds like a good idea to me. However, this song is straight up garbage and I will not defend it. It was as if he felt he needed a follow up to Weed With Willie (which is a funny and very enjoyable song) but instead of carrying on the tone and sound of that song he decided to record what seems like a 12 year old’s version of a song about weed would be.

For almost his entire career Toby Keith has had clunker songs come out though, so I can’t get too mad or be too surprised. It seems like the people over at Toby corp have their formula and they aren’t breaking from it: record at most 3 good to decent songs, and then fill the rest of the space with crap so that we can release an album basically every year. If this is kicking off a new album, here’s to hoping he still recorded those several good ones as well.

2/10 – (I bet Sam Hunt likes it)