The Good Fight

Country music has been a passion of mine and my cousin Steve’s for many years, but neither of us ever thought we’d be here today, able to write and talk about what is on our mind as it relates to country and actually have people out there listen. So first and foremost I have to thank you all for checking us out both here and on our podcast, and welcome to the Country Hodge Podge.

One of the things I’ve talked about on the podcast as well as in my personal life for a while now is the idea of “the good fight” and how it pertains to country music. The good fight is simply the idea that it is my (and our) duty to help educate the world on the great music that is lesser known – both by underappreciated artists and by well-known artists alike. Most everyone who listens to the radio today will know Brad Paisley, but they may not know of the greatness of the song “Part Two” let alone the fact that this is the title track to a great album. The good fight is as much about letting people know about the hidden gems that mainstream artists have in their history as it is about getting more people to listen to Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan, and Jason Eady (to name a few), who are criminally underrepresented in the radio waves especially when you see how many albums each of them has released thus far. Country is so much more than cookie cutter songs about tailgates, beers, painted on jeans, and the south; it is a genre built by artists who had stories to tell about real life that were so relatable to the listeners that you could feel that the artist was just like you. Somewhere along the road mainstream country lost its bearings and decided to focus on selling crap to college kids because it was cheap and easy. The essence of country music still beats within artists of the Americana and Texas Country subgenres as well as within the B side songs that never see the light of day on the radio, but I’ll be damned if this music isn’t heard.

As we venture on this journey we call the Country Hodge Podge I hope you’ll find artists and songs to love that you may have not heard before, but I also hope you have some fun. Just because I think sad songs are inherently better than happy songs doesn’t mean I don’t crush Coors lights on the weekends and jam out to other music…. We promise to have a good dose of both on this site. It’s going to be a ride, and we thank you for taking it with us.