Hear Aaron Lewis' Should-Be Country Song

Aaron Lewis has two albums and an EP under his belt in his short country music career. But he also has seven albums under his belt as the frontman for the rock band Staind. On Staind's most recent and self-titled album (though it's actually six years old), he closes out the album with a haunting song called Something to Remind You. I've seen Aaron Lewis three times in concert as a solo country singer since this album has dropped, and each time, he has played this song. It is such a perfect acoustic song, and powerful. It's a country song on a rock album.

On July 20, during an acoustic set in one of his live solo shows, Lewis dedicated this song to his recently deceased friend and lead singer of the band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington. Though there are cellphone recordings of this performance on youtube, I would rather guide everyone to the real recording and let you know where to find it, since it is not an "Aaron Lewis" solo release, it is a Staind song, technically.

As he did with his song Tangled Up in You on his Town Line EP, I would love to hear this song get re-released as a country song on a future album.