Ray Scott Gives in to His Wants, Not Needs

If I could sum up what I have to say about country music in one sentence, I'd say, "The best country music comes from heartbreak."

I've made this a point of at least half the articles I've written, because I mean it. When I go through some sort of pain, being denied or dumped, I always turn to my guitar. A few songs are written, and a lot of songs are covered. When it didn't work out with a specific girl a little over a year ago, I came across Ray Scott's song Ain't Always Thirsty and had to learn it as soon as I could.

Since then, I have become a huge Ray Scott fan. His newest album, Guitar For Sale, is a genuine, traditional country album. While I suggest listening to all of his music, especially his newest album, this song is the first one you should check out. If you aren't a fan of his after hearing it, you obviously don't like country music.