Our Mission

I can't believe I'm here doing this. For years, my cousin Kevin and I have been obsessed with country music. When people ask me why it's pretty much the only thing I listen to, I always laugh. I have over 2500 country songs saved on Spotify. More from this genre alone than some with a diverse collection of genres. To most, country is a single, monotone genre, that covers every artist from Blake Shelton to Sturgill Simpson, from Chris Lane to John Moreland. They will tell you that all country is the same, yet describe it in two ways. "Every song is depressing" or "every song is about partying with college girls on trucks in fields."

The term "country music" is a blanket genre. But under that blanket is a world of sub-genres that speak to every individual in different ways. This website is not here to tell you not to listen to bro country. It is here to tell you that there is so much more to the genre than bro country. But Sam Hunt is not a country artist. I will say that now and get it out of the way. Anyways, if you're that college-aged man or woman who likes to party, listen to those spring break party anthems. More power to you. I was 21 once. I loved drinking to Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean songs.

But if you allow yourself to become vulnerable, to let this genre not just tug, but rip at your heartstrings, your eyes will open to an entirely new world of music. These sub-genres I mentioned before. The radio may be plagued by paint-by-number "hits" from Handsome Fellow #8 right now, but buy an album, stream it on Spotify, and see an artist in concert and fall in love with more than the radio lets you hear! Bro country is not country, at least in its entirety. It is the tip of a continental sized iceberg.

This site is here to open your eyes and ears to everything, from Texas to Nashville, from happy to sad, from old school to the new. Listen to the country legends that get name dropped in these #1 hits on the radio. Don't shake off a Merle song because it sounds "too slow" or "sad." If you don't open yourself to this genre, it is doomed to fail commercially. 

Kevin and I are both open to party songs.. when we are partying. But just as we have more than one mood, we need more than one type of song to listen to. Country music is heartbreak. It is love. It is family. It is a way of life. We started a podcast to show you artists you may have never heard of. We discuss songs from artists that sell out arenas that are known only by a few. For every Kick the Dust Up, there is a The Car in Front of Me. For every Dirt Road Anthem, there is a Saving Amy.

Don't be a slave to the labels. Don't be a slave to the radio. Let us help you down a path of diversity and discovery. We want to introduce everyone to the artists that deserve the spotlight.

We'll also talk about beer a lot. So that's cool.

Welcome to the Country Hodge Podge.