Mark Chesnutt Reminds You That Texas Still Wants Real Country

Mark Chesnutt is known for one of two things: cranking out number one hits throughout the nineties, or for getting the boot from the radio after his (not very good) cover of Aerosmith's I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

Mark Chesnutt made a valiant return last year with the release of his latest album, Tradition Lives. The radio missed out by not charting his AMAZING song Oughta Miss Me By Now, which I will write about another time. Today is Friday, and I am in a great mood heading into the weekend, so I want to talk about another great song from the same album, Never Been to Texas.

In this upbeat song, Chesnutt talks about how country music is bigger than ever down in Texas. Down there, people pack every bar on Friday to dance and sing along to some good ole country tunes. To be fair, I feel the same all the up here in Illinois.

Happy Friday, y'all!