Jamie Lin Wilson and Wade Bowen Will Rip Your Heart Out

Everyone makes mistakes. Some minor, some major. In this evocative song, Jamie Lin Wilson and Wade Bowen explore the idea that another person may fill some void left unfilled, only to realize that the one you're turning your back on is the one you should be with. Cheating songs are a staple in country music, and can sometimes come across as cliché as dying dogs and broken down trucks. But there are those songwriters out there who have mastered exploring this topic, from Sunny Sweeney to John Moreland to Brandy Clark.

Jamie Lin Wilson is one of the best and most under-appreciated songwriters out there. If you don't believe me, just read a few lines from the song:

Because there's just some things you can't take back
Like hurting the one you already have
Throw it all away for a kiss filled with regret
It's like running for the edge and thinking you'll fly
Knowing damn well that it's suicide

Give it a listen.