Joe Nichols Sings About What (Or Who) He Loves

Joe Nichols has had quite the career. He has the songs Brokenheartsville (yay!) and Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off (eh?) and Undone (hmm). One thing I will give him is that despite his hiccups in his career in the era of bro country, he has never stepped away from his traditional sound. Joe Nichols has always sounded like Joe Nichols.

His lyrics may falter in some of his more recent singles, but at least he hasn't betrayed the sound that the late, great Merle Haggard once complimented. Recent songs like Freaks Like Me and Undone have fans split. Is he trying to keep up with the radio and act like the young 20-somethings that college girls are swooning over or is he just trying to have fun with his music as he once did with Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off?

One thing is for sure, no matter which mindset Joe Nichols is in, he's ready to prove that he wants to release some traditional country music. Following two number-ones in 2014, Joe Nichols has failed to crack the top 20. Whether or not the radio is ready to accept a legitimate country love song again remains to be seen, but this album is certainly getting me excited to hear Nichols' new album.


Second Opinion
by Kevin Hodge

Thank you Joe Nichols. It’s become apparent that many modern artists want to try to cash in on the increasingly terrible bro/pop/shit country movement; however, it appears Joe Nichols is having none of that. I’d Sing About You is full of steel guitar and a genuine country vibe throughout. I’ve always liked Joe Nichols, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t expecting this song to be trash just based on his last singles of Yeah and Sunny and 75 being weak songs lacking substance (they are pretty harmless though and are perfect for a summer country drinking playlist). I look forward to whenever his next full album drops because if it continues the feel of I’d Sing About You, then it has tremendous potential.