The Best Binge Beer: Coors Light

Now, there are many reasons to drink some beer, and I’m all about drinking everything from craft beer down to macro brews, but one thing is an undeniable fact: Coors light is the best beer for drinking in quantity. Ok, fine. That’s an opinion, but whatever; y'all know it’s true.

A wise man once told me Coors light was a “sex in a canoe” beer because its “fuckin’ near water.” And to that I say, EXACTLY.

Thirsty? Chug a Coors light.

Want to have several beers at a baseball/football/hockey game? Chug some Coors.

Having a Fraturday out on the lake/river/whatever? Bring a case of Coors and have a fuckin’ ball.

In anticipation of America’s birthday next weekend, I’ll be buying a case of Coors light pounders and you can best believe I’m going to darty my ass off with some spikeball on the beach. In celebration of that great holiday that gives us all an excuse to drink and be American (as if we even need an excuse) here are some great drinking songs that pair nicely with an ice cold Coors Light.

Cheers to you, America.