Hear Two of Cody Jinks' Impossible-To-Find Albums

Cody Jinks, in my opinion, is the greatest and most authentic country artist making music right now. Sending praise his way will be a common element of the Country Hodge Podge due to his many fantastic albums, and the fact that I’ve seen him live a few times and each time has been amazing. If you haven’t listened through Adobe Sessions or I’m Not the Devil, do yourself a favor and listen through them both right now… and also then go through Less Wise, 30, and Blacksheep as well because they are also fantastic.

But before he recorded these great albums, the Texas native was actually a singer in a metal band before venturing into country music, and upon doing so he recorded two albums that are no longer in production. To be honest I don’t know if physical copies are even able to be tracked down for purchase. However, despite being nearly lost from existence, they can still be found on the internet and thank God that they are. Some of the songs from the albums did make it onto later albums: Fast Hand, We’re Gonna Dance, Cast No Stones, and Mama Song, to name a few.

As a person who thinks Cody Jinks is kicking ass in every facet of the game right now, I figured it’d be a shame if people didn’t get the chance to check out these “lost” recordings as well. Also as an added bonus, when you see the album cover for Collectors Item you also get a rare look at Jinks’ face before the badass beard. Check these out for even more great country music from the man himself.