Cody Jinks Wins the Title of "Saddest Song Ever"

When you think of sad country songs, your mind almost always goes to a break up songs. It is a staple in the genre. There are plenty of those that I can and do promote, but today I have to promote to the saddest song ever that isn't about dating.

Cody Jinks' David is a depressing song about losing touch with a childhood friend by taking different paths in life. While the narrator of the song served in the armed forces and joined the police force, his friend David let his life spin out of control and begin a losing battle with substance abuse.

When the narrator returns home, he tries to help his friend, who rejects it, ultimately leading to his demise. To make matters worse, David's mother has to see the horrifying result in the hospital while his widowed wife and children have to find a way to survive without him.

I know plenty of sad country songs, but this one may take the cake.