Chris Stapleton Strikes Gold (Again)

As if we needed another example that country radio has lost touch with its audience, Chris Stapleton, who receives little airplay, has had another album go gold. That is 2 of 2, for those keeping score at home. Not only did his debut solo album Traveller go gold, it went double platinum. It also was the fourth best selling album of any genre of 2016 and the number one selling country album.

If the bigwigs of country radio want to tell us who we want to hear, they're shouting into deaf ears. The people have spoken. Let country radio be the home of talented artists again, the home of real men and women who have stories to tell. No more spring break anthems. Stop pandering to college-aged kids. They're not listening to the radio. They're listening to Drake's and Bruno Mars' Pandora station.

Let me listen to the radio again and actually feel something, not reminisce about that time I went to Florida for spring break. I'm not 21 anymore.