Chris Hennessee Sings One For the Old Souls Like Me

One of the biggest arguments about country music today from the traditional side is that it's too much about having fun and that the sad songs are the only true country songs. I disagree. Country music has always had fun tracks. Line dancing wasn't invented when bro country came around. It's a dancing genre as much as it is a genre about crying into your beer when your life doesn't go your way. Country music is about life.

What's wrong with the generic hits plaguing the radio today is that it's 40 year old men singing like they're 21. They sing about Spring Break, 18 year old girls in cut off jeans, and sticking it to the old folks. They're taking hip hop beats and drowning out the steel guitar because songs are all about the bass. It's kind of sad and creepy.

Chris Hennessee (like Tennessee!) does the feel good songs right. It's not surprising. The Jamey Johnson opening act has written for and played with the likes of Kevin Fowler, Billy Currington, Whiskey Myers, Montgomery Gentry, Cody Johnson, and more. Waylon Jennings Song isn't about getting out of class and going to a house party. It's about working your ass off all week at work, then relaxing on the weekends to a good ol' Waylon Jennings song. I'm only 26 and my weekends are relaxing. I'll crack a beer and hit the bars occasionally with some friends when we're feeling rowdy, but weekends are mostly for me. College was the best four years of my life, but I don't need to reminisce about it with Spring Break party anthems every night and weekend.

As I discussed in my controversial article last week, mainstream country music is cool now. It's a young man's genre about partying and living life. This song is for the old souls like me, who know that country values are the foundation of this genre, not hot chicks dancing on trucks.