Chester Bennington, 41, Dies From Suicide

This isn't country music related, but as a kid from the 90s, I grew up listening to Linkin Park religiously. Every day for what had to be a year, I put Reanimation on my CD player while riding the bus to school. I know that it's known as everyone's least favorite album, but it meant a lot to me and I loved it. Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight all held a special place in my heart, but my go-to was always Reanimation.

Today, I listen to country 98% of the time. When I work out though, I throw on some rock and rap. To this day, I listen to Linkin Park as I run. Country music has been a big inspiration in my life in recent years, but my love for music began with Linkin Park, and evolved to Metallica, AC/DC, and many others.

I will always love Linkin Park. Rest in peace, Chester.