Chase Rice Panders Hard in New Single

Country music is three chords and the truth.

It's an expression that has been used by all of the greats... and Chase Rice. This phrase is what we say when we are asked why country music speaks to us above all other genres. Country music is about life. It's about heartbreak. It's about surviving hardship. It's about working hard, being a God-fearing man or woman, and just living life the best you can.

Normally I wouldn't even bother reviewing one of the backwards flat bill ball cap wearing, handsome, bro country clones that is Chase Rice's song, but I felt obliged to when he takes a saying so commonly used to describe true country feelings to promote another bro country party tune. In Chase Rice's newest single, Three Chords & the Truth, he justifies his laundry list bro country career by saying that his tailgate sitting, country girl kissing, beer chugging lifestyle is the definition of three chords and the truth.

Rice manages to namedrop some of Kenny Chesney's, Merle Haggard's, and Steve Earle's biggest hits to remind you that he is, in fact, a country music loving redneck. Now this might just be me, but I have never heard Anything But Mine, Mama Tried, or Copperhead Road being played at parties. Truthfully, every time I put on a classic country song, I am told to hit next because it doesn't fit the party atmosphere.

The only positive things I can say about this song is that it seems to use actual instruments instead of the computer pop beats that he's used in his past atrocities like Ride and Ready Set Roll. This song is also much better than the dumpster fires like Body Like a Backroad, You Broke Up With Me, and My Girl, which are currently plaguing the top spots on country radio. If this song comes on while I am in public, I will grit my teeth and smile, but I would prefer that Jack Daniels and Jesus be playing. This song will be a hit and sorority girls will claim he's the next Johnny Cash because he's sexy. It's just how it goes these days.