Carly Pearce Releases Heartbreaking Video for 'Every Little Thing'

I've gushed about this song for a while now. I don't need to talk about the song anymore, but hey, it's my website and I want to, so I will.

Carly Pearce's top 20 (and still climbing) song finally has an official music video, and it only adds another layer of pain. Some artists may be great lyricists and some may sell based off their looks. In Every Little Thing, you feel the pain that Carly Pearce went through when breaking up with her boyfriend. It doesn't need any cheap tricks or to pander to sell. With the release of this video, she stated on Facebook "In 2013, my (heart) was completely broken. Crazy to think my dark moment led to this incredible whirlwind. To the guy who at one time wrecked my world, THANK YOU!"

You will never hear a bro country artist say "In 2015, I went on this bender that made me think, I need to write a killer drinking song. Thank you, Red Stag!" Well, who knows, maybe you would. That's where this genre seems to be heading. But with songs like Hurricane by Luke Combs and Every Little Thing climbing the radio charts, and with Chris Stapleton sitting at number one and two on the album charts, maybe the country music pendulum is finally beginning to swing back towards quality music.

Check out the heartbreaking video below.