Carly Pearce Perfectly Describes the Feeling of Loss

As a somewhat unattractive, slightly overweight man, I have faced my share of heartbreak in my short 26 years on this planet. We all have. I went through it earlier this year after a relationship imploded seemingly out of nowhere. When you're in your darkest spot, it is impossible for your former significant other to leave your mind. When you are alone with your thoughts, you doubt the reasons you left and can only remember the good. You'd do anything to feel that happiness again, even if it means sacrificing your emotions in the process. You forget the hell that you've been through and tell yourself "it would be fine if we just moved on and went back to who we were."

Carly Pearce portrays this perfectly in her soon-to-be-hit song Every Little Thing. I've been following her career since she popped up in Josh Abbott Band's Wasn't That Drunk and I'm excited to see what else she has in store for us.

Just remember that these thoughts subside and it always gets better.