Would You Relive a Heartache?

Cole Swindell has never been an artist I have paid any attention to, outside of his song I Just Want You. He's another white male with five 'o clock shadow and a flatbill ball cap who likes singing about the same generic bro country themes. His most played song on Spotify begins with the word "Baby."

I have never given Cole Swindell a second thought.


That is, until I heard Break Up in the End. This song doesn't redeem what he has put out on his previous albums, but it perks my ears and curiosity.

Will this lead single lead to a revival of mainstream country? Probably not. Cole Swindell doesn't have the pull to lead a charge of a mainstream country music revival. More realistically, this song will peak in the top 25 on the billboards, carried purely by his name, and he'll have to release another uplifting party song to give him a another number one hit. This song will be the one decent hit off of an otherwise mediocre album.

However, I may live in a blissful and ignorant state of hopefullness that his new album will prove me wrong. I love when artists that I dislike or have no opinion of prove me wrong and release good music.

That being said, Break Up in the End is fantastic. There's no other way to describe it. It asks a great question, "Would you relive a good time in your life, knowing that it will eventually go down in flames?" Cole Swindell would gladly do so.

Even if I knew you'd be the one that got away
I'd still go back and get you
Even if I knew you'd be my best and worst mistake
Oh, I'd still make it with you
Over and over, again and again
Even though we break up in the end

It's a thought I know every person has had shortly after a break up. That feeling of being in love and being happy is worth the pain it would end in. It would be a knowingly losing battle that we'd fight, hoping for a different outcome that would never come.

I hope Cole Swindell proves me wrong with his third album. I hope I hear a lot more like this come from him and the other clones on mainstream radio.