Brothers Osborne Releases a Face Melter

After their successful full length debut album, Pawn Shop, nearly a year ago, country duo Brothers Osborne released the blistering new single Shoot Me Straight on January 5. On Shoot Me Straight, they showcase what makes them distinct and unique in country today; combining rocking guitar solos and deep bellowing singing. I’ve been a fan of the BROS for a few years now, ever since I heard Love The Lonely Out Of You, off of their self-titled EP from 2014.

However, if your only idea of them is based on the radio, then you aren’t getting the entire picture. The runtime on some of their best tracks is over 5 minutes and must be cut down if played on the radio. I don’t do the radio though, so I honestly don’t even know how any of their singles have performed in the past. I mention track length though, due to the fact that Shoot Me Straight features a nearly 7 minute runtime – which I can’t imagine will get played in its entirety ever on the radio. This is a shame because the guitar work that closes out the song is tremendous. I’m really looking forward to their upcoming album after hearing this one.