Kip Moore Ditches Country (And That's OK)

Ever since his debut album Up All Night, Kip Moore has leaned heavier and heavier towards Southern Rock. His sophomore album Wild Ones retained a classic country sound on a handful of songs, such as I'm To Blame and Comeback Kid, but mostly stuck to a classic rock feel.


On his third full length album, Kip Moore has seemed to abandon the country sound outright, with the exception of his continued Sprinsteen-esque influence. I am totally OK with this. Kip Moore has never sat outside the country circle begging to be accepted as a traditional artist. Much like artists such as Eric Church and various independent acts, Moore just does Moore, no matter what critics think. His fans will stay by his side no matter what genre he treads in.

His newest album rocks (pun intended). Some fans may fight to say, "No seriously, he's the best country artist out there" because they refuse to say someone they love isn't in a genre they want to say they love. I don't understand the obsession with telling people an artist is country. Admitting an artist isn't country won't discredit your taste in music.

Throughout the 13 tracks on Slowheart, Moore tells stories of touring, falling in and out of love, and finding success even though he's been knocked onto his ass more times than he can count. Kip Moore has never beat around the bush when describing that he is a man who has experience with one night stands or that he'd rather be surfing than working.

The fact that I know that this is how Kip Moore leads his life is why I can't completely criticize the content of his songs. He's not a 40-something artist singing like he's on college spring break. He's a 37 year old singing about the life he's leading as a 37 year old. Even though he's playing a young man's game that rounds out every bro country laundry list, they're true stories.

If you're looking for a traditional country album, this is not it. If you're looking for good music from an artist that does what he wants, you've come to the right place.

Favorite Track: Bittersweet Company

Sometimes you don't know where a relationship failed. I know damn well that I've been in this situation. Everything is going well, and then it implodes out of nowhere. Bittersweet Company is probably the most emotional song from Slowheart, and it's worth a listen. Especially the acoustic version linked above.


Slowheart is out now.