Troy Gentry Tragically Passes Away at Age 50

One of the first concerts I ever went to, and one of the first country acts I ever fell in love with was Montgomery Gentry. I remember the first time my dad played me Something To Be Proud Of and quoted the lyrics:

You don't need to make a million
Just be thankful to be workin'
If you're doing what you're able
And putting food there on the table
And providing for the family that you love
That's something to be proud of

They've been all but silent recently in their career, but I still throw their music on. They've had two albums since their hit 2008 album Back When I Knew It All, which was home to two number one hits, another top 5 hit, and a top 25 hit, but outside of their song Where I Come From, they haven't resonated with the radio (no surprise).

It hurts knowing that the duo is no more, but Troy's legacy will live on in some amazing music.

RIP, Troy Gentry.