Friday's New Music 9-8-17

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Toby Keith - The Bus Songs

Not sure what his mindset was for this one, but Toby Keith releases a "greatest hits" of sorts, with an album that is just his popular funny and inappropriate songs from throughout his career. It includes a lot of older ones, like Runnin' Block and Get Out of My Car, and his all new Shitty Golfer and Wacky Tobaccy, the latter of which is awful.

Kip Moore - Slowheart

Kip Moore has all but abandoned country music after his debut album Up All Night. Though he has always had rock influences in his country, he seems to not care about the country aspect anymore, which is fine. Kip Moore isn't running around telling us that genres change or we need to accept it. He's just making the music he loves and hoping we feel the same.

Ira Wolf - The Closest Thing To Home

The Closest Thing to Home is not an album for the faint of heart, but for those who are not afraid to listen to the truth come from the mouth and guitar of a brilliant singer/songwriter, you will not be disappointed.

Read my entire review here.

Sean McConnell - Undone

Sometimes songs sound the best when it's just one man singing and playing guitar or piano. Sean McConnell releases a new album of old greats doing just that. If you like stripped down music, check this one out.


Savannah Conley - 18th and Portland

Savannah Conley releases her first EP with a powerful traditional sound. The Nashville based artist isn't afraid to play by her own rules and create the music she feels.