Ira Wolf Explores the Difficulties of Touring on Newest Album

Some days are good and some years are not. - Some Days

If you were to ask any artist, from those riding on an expensive tour bus to those living out their van, touring isn't fun. Ira Wolf falls into the latter of those categories. On her newest album, she explores the trials and tribulations of traveling across the country in her 1988 VW Vanagon. She has also been on international stages from New Zealand and Southeast Asia to Scandinavia and the UK.


One of Spotify’s Best of Folk/Americana artists in 2016, the Montana native proves that she deserves the honor among many others from various competitions with this heart-wrenching new album.

The track Sunscreen explores wanting someone who will look out for her. She had this to say about the track:

I had been on the road alone for about four months when I went swimming without sunscreen and inevitably ended up with such a bad sunburn that I got sun poisoning. I was so ill and lonely and fairly sure I was going to die alone in the back of that van in the desert, so naturally, I began writing about it.

Ira Wolf doesn't sugarcoat any emotions on this album. In quite possibly my favorite track on the album, Pictures On A Wall, Wolf explores the idea that she wishes she could settle down and have the opportunity to hang pictures and to sleep in the same bed, but the road is always calling to her. She wants to be able to create a connection with a lover and friend, but it's impossible to do so when she cannot stay in the same place for an extended period of time.

Each track shows raw, emotional talent, reminding us that not everyone has it good. From loneliness to depression, just because she's living her dream of performing the songs she wrote to people who understand the meanings of the lyrics, it doesn't mean it's all glitter and gold. She asks if she can stick around a familiar feeling in Can I Stay, realizes she can't in Leaving Soon, and navigates the inevitable failure of each relationship in Skin & Script

The Closest Thing to Home is not an album for the faint of heart, but for those who are not afraid to listen to the truth come from the mouth and guitar of a brilliant singer/songwriter, you will not be disappointed.


The Closest Thing to Home comes out September 9