I've Seen A Lot of Live Music

Today, I finally took a few minutes to try to ballpark the number of different artists and shows I’ve seen in my life. People have asked me on many occasions how many shows/concerts I’ve been to, and every time I've had to respond with, "I have no clue."

It’s not that I care about how many shows I’ve seen as some sort of an end goal, or even that I think anyone really cares… but for the sake of getting to some sort of estimate to use purely for the answering of that question, I took 5 minutes and started typing out all of the shows that popped into my head first.

Starting with the non-country shows (since I’ve easily seen multiple times as many country sets as non-country sets) I quickly count 12 different artists seen from System of a Down to O.A.R.

True story, my first concert was a System of a Down concert when I was in 7th grade…

Moving on to the country shows (and only including the “well known” artist sets) I got to 61 different artists comprising 88 different sets in total before having to stop and think about what I might be missing. Tallying these shows I get to a round 100 individual instances of seeing a live music set.

This seemed like the perfect stopping point because although I have seen many additional shows of smaller artists, I don’t actually need to know the exact number. Like I said before, I just wanted a ballpark, and I got one: over 100. Sounds like a good enough answer for now.