Life on The Road is Hard

Being on the road is an integral of being a musician and many artists sing about the struggles that go with being away from home for weeks on end. Pat Green, a Texas country staple, says it best in While I Was Away:

“The hardest part about workin’ hard ain’t the bills I gotta pay. It’s you growin’ up while I was away.”

In the Zane Williams penned tune, Green describes coming home late after a stint on the road and sees pictures and notes from all the time all the events he’s missed due to touring. He finds his child fast asleep, so although he can’t tell them how much he missed them, he paints it beautifully throughout the rest of the song. It’s all worth it though because although he’s missed them, he also knows they missed him too.

In his official video for the song he pays tribute to many of the professions like his that take people away from their families for extended periods of time. Here’s to those that work hard and make sacrifices for their families.