Sometimes 'Your Song' Becomes Just Another Love Song

If you've ever been in love, you've probably had "a song." Some people are lucky enough to dance to it for their first time as a married couple. The rest of us have to be reminded every time we hear it that it once reminded you of the love you felt for another. It becomes a reminder of a love lost. After a while, it just becomes another song that your Spotify shuffle comes across that you may or may not skip, depending on your mood.

Haley & Michaels visit this idea in their fantastic song Just Another Love Song. The love song in question is Amazed, with Richie McDonald even lending his vocal talents to the track, singing the chorus from the 1999 Lonestar smash hit. They discuss the lyrics and how they used to portray how they felt for each other. They wonder how a relationship could fall apart the way it did.

Amazed is no longer the couple's song, it's just another love song.