Hear Two of Trace Adkins' Hidden Gems from 'X'

In 2008, Trace Adkins released the album X. Though it never went number one on the charts and none of the singles from the album cracked the top ten, it is still one of his best albums. Muddy Water and All I Ask For Anymore are great choices for singles, though they peaked at 22 and 14, respectively.

However, there are two hidden gems on this album: Til The Last Shot's Fired and I Can't Outrun You. Til The Last Shot's Fired is an emotional song journeying through the eyes of fallen soldiers in various wars from American history ended with a military choir singing the final chorus. It even managed to crack the top 50 even though it was never officially a single.

The latter song is the very next track on the album. In the top 5 of my favorite country songs of all time, I Can't Outrun You can only be described as haunting. Backed only by a piano and cello, Trace Adkins' amazingly deep voice pushes the emotion in the song.

Listen to both songs below.