Rich O'Toole Releases Great New Single

I'm always doubtful going into a country song titled (biblical figure) & (country thing) because it always seems like it will just be a cliché song that panders to the average Christian American. However, some songs only need the title to bring you in then blow you away with a good story. This can be found in songs like Jack Daniels & Jesus by Chase Rice and Jesus & Johnny Cash by Jarrod Birmingham & Kevin Fowler.

Rich O'Toole achieves the mission of telling a great story in his new single God & George Strait. The song is less about "I'm a George Strait fan and Christian" and more of a coming-of-age story about going from being a kid more interested in girls than growing up to an adult who can falter but continue to work hard and better himself. He realizes that even when he fumbles, he just has to lean on God and the King to get him through the difficult  times. 

I'm surprised, though also happy, that Rich O'Toole is already releasing new music. O'Toole's newest album American Kid came out less than 7 months ago, and me being as unprofessional that I am, I could not find anything about why he is already moving past the album. I am unsure if this is a lead single into his next musical venture or if this is just a one-off a la Young Love by Kip Moore or Without a Fight by Brad Paisley.

All I know is that there's never anything wrong with a little more Rich O'Toole in the world.