I Love Album Art That Isn't Your Face - Part I

Here’s to the artists that release albums with original and visually striking album artwork. I realize that the music is clearly the most important aspect of an album. However, country music overall is guilty of simplistic album art that often only involves the artist in a plaid shirt sitting next to a stereotypically country item, with or without a cowboy hat. I don’t think that artists need to have zero album’s in which they are on the cover, but I think most artists could benefit from shaking it up from time to time. In my opinion, releasing albums with art instead of your own face on the cover makes the entire project appear more about the music than advancing your own celebrity. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of artists with albums featuring the singer’s face plastered on the cover that I do love, but as I listened to music today I thought about some of my favorite pieces of album art. Some of my favorites off the top of my head:

Grady Spencer & The Work
The Line Between

This is an album that I actually listened to the first time purely because the cover looked badass. That element is introduced when you have interesting art on the cover instead of just a person (or group of people) trying to look intently at the camera in front of a field (or other country stereotype).

Cody Jinks
I’m Not The Devil

On every album he’s released (except for the rare Collector’s Item album) Cody Jinks has had album art instead of a picture of himself. This goes to show that solo artists can, and should, utilize art for their album covers as well.


Shane Smith & The Saints

This might be the coolest album cover of all time. The album is great, but feels even more special when you listen to the haunting title track while looking at the watercolor painting on the cover.