Cale Tyson Keeps The Classic Country Sound Alive

I love flipping on the radio feature on Spotify and going on a journey of music by artists related to the artist I’m listening to. It often either turns me on to artists I’d never heard or gives me some different music from artists that I only have a song or two saved by. This week’s edition of “artist I had one song saved by, but now I’m glad I checked out their whole collection” is Cale Tyson.

I had the song Fool of The Year saved for a little while now ever since it popped up on my Luke Bell or Paul Cauthen radio stations, but now I have his album and two EP’s saved in their entirety. I plan to put up a review for his Careless Soul album at some point because it deserves to be delved into fully, but for the time being I just wanted to get an article up about how good Cale is…. Also he happens to be in town this week, so I’ll be seeing him live.

It’s no secret that I love classic country – and not just the Merle, Waylon, and Willie variety, but also the Hank Sr, Ernest Tubb, and Webb Pierce style. Cale Tyson’s sound fits right in with that latter group, which is truly remarkable in the current day. Take a listen below and see what I mean.