My Politic - 12 Kinds of Lost Review

It may be a losing fight when talking about what country radio should be playing. I've discussed at length how the people have spoken about how we crave more music like Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, and Sturgill Simpson. Isbell and Stapleton have managed to have number one albums despite having virtually no radio play. Recently, I've come to the realization that that hardly matters anymore. Fighting the mainstream radio is the same thing as a house fly fighting an army of fly swatters.

This site wasn't founded on trying to tear down the system. It's about promoting artists who deserve it. I may review something that I don't enjoy, and I may get destroyed on twitter for doing so. This doesn't mean that it's my focus or that I want to become a "hate country" site. If I can bring even one new fan to an artist, it makes running a website worth it.

My Politic(1).jpg

That brings us to My Politic's 12 Kinds of Lost. The Nashville Coal Miner Folk/ Appalachian Americana band out of Missouri debuts strongly on their first studio album. Every song hits home in a different way, and they manage to avoid the bro-country laundry list tropes that seem to plague even the most traditional artists to grace the radio waves.

Lead vocalist Kaston Guffey penned all twelve tracks, covering everything from heartache to depression and anxiety to detaching from roots to dealing with cancer and fighting addiction. Music is known as an escape, but it doesn't mean that we have to put on blinders and assume that music will make us happy. When I escape to music (every waking moment), I play what I can connect with. I love hearing songs that say, "yeah life sucks, but keep your head up." I like being able to say, "I know how you feel."

These are the reasons I feel the way I feel, I drink the way I do, I am the way I am. Its pretty dark, but honest. - Kaston Guffey

There isn't a sign of writing for the audience. As music should be, it's writing for himself and hoping others can relate. Music is just as much of an escape for the artist as it is for the audience. 12 Kinds of Lost is a must for any bluegrass and traditional fan.


12 Kinds of Lost comes out Friday, August 25.