Alex Williams: Mainstream Release, Traditional Sound

Mainstream releases with a traditional sound seem to be fewer and further between these days, but Big Machine Music Group seems to be making an effort to make it happen. Though they are the home of Thomas Rhett and Florid-Georgia Line, among others, they are also the home of Carly Pearce, The Mavericks, and Midland.

This is not a review for Alex Williams' album Better Than Myself, though I do love it. I just haven't had the time to really delve deep enough into it to make a final verdict. If you really want a good review of it, head on over to Saving Country Music, where Trigger masters the art of reviewing.

This article is an endorsement. I love his sound and I hope he's another piece falling into the puzzle of mainstream country music turning a new leaf. Check out one of his songs below and check out his album wherever you stream music.