Drew Kennedy Readies Eighth Album

A lot of artists say art comes from conflict – they talk about relationships ending or trying to overcome serious habits. Well, my conflict is this: how do I be so self-centered while being as selfless as I can? - Drew Kennedy

With seven albums under his belt, Drew Kennedy is now trying to find the perfect balance between being selfish as a musician and being selfless as a father and husband. Getting ready for a new album, Kennedy explores the trials and tribulations that he faced while recording.

In the middle of his first day recording, Kennedy's wife went into labor two months early. He made it home to witness the birth of his son, but it followed with a 37 day stay in a Level IV NICU. After that, the songs he was set to record felt different. From some traditional country to pop-influenced tunes, this upcoming album will be a testament to facing hardship.

At Home in the Big Lonesome contains 11 tracks, including 10 written by Kennedy himself. He has also has written songs for Bart Crow, Lori McKenna, Jason Eady, Rob Baird, Jason Boland, and many more in his accomplished career.

At Home in the Big Lonesome is due out November 3.