The Greatest Venue - Codfish Hollow

Steve and I have raved about the venue of Codfish Hollow, a barn in Maquoketa, Iowa, as being our favorite venue we’ve ever been to ever since we saw John Moreland there earlier this summer. As it turns out, a regular performer there Nathaniel Rateliff agrees, stating recently:

Red Rocks is an overwhelming place to perform, and we have had the privilege to play there a number of times… Red Rocks is second only to Codfish Hollow

Red Rocks is of course the venue in Colorado that, by all accounts, is a beautiful place to play for artists as well as a great venue for fans to see a show. I’ve never been there, so since I can’t comment on it, I’ll let Nathaniel’s words speak for me. Rateliff will be returning to Codfish this September on the 8th and 9th so if you happen to be within driving distance, I recommend you come check out why he and I agree that it is the best venue to see live music.