Friday's New Music 7-28-17

If I can keep up with doing this, I want to point out the best new music every Friday. We'll see if I can (I'm bad at this). 


Matt Kennon - When I Get Home

Ever since his debut single The Call cracked the top 40 back in 2009, Kennon's career has been dead quiet in terms of radio play. However, that does not mean that he hasn't been continuing to make quality traditional country music.

Joe Nichols - Never Gets Old

Joe Nichols has never been afraid to say no to adopting the new pop sound that helps so many country artists succeed. He's bent his sound a little with recent singles, but seems to back to old Joe Nichols with his newest album. The only song I'm not big on is his awful country cover of Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back.

Logan Mize - Come Back Road

Logan Mize has had pop sound to his music before, but this album is mostly a traditional sound with the exception of a handful of songs. Overall, it's definitely worth checking out.


Margo Price - Weakness

Margo exploded in popularity in the traditional world of country with her debut album Midwest Farmer's Daughter, proving that the traditional sound is what most of us still want. Price returns with a 4-song EP that reminds us that we'd like more of it.

Eric Paslay - The Work Tapes

Fans of She Don't Love You may like this EP more than the fans of Friday Night. Just listen to what he has to say about the EP. I couldn't find a jpeg of the album cover.