Luke Combs Reminds Me Why I'm a Fan

Luke Combs is the next big thing. His debut album dominated the charts. His debut single dominated the radio. Kevin and I have exhaustedly talked about how we've been fans since we heard his music two years ago and how the first time we saw him in concert, the venue was nearly empty.

Combs deserves the spotlight. He's easy to like. His music is easy to sing along to. Some lyrics may have me rolling my eyes, but they're all harmless and light-hearted. The sad songs hit you hard. His career is just beginning and I hope he sticks to his guns and releases the music he wants.

As if you needed anymore convincing to be a fan of his, Luke Combs has done something way more generous than anyone this early in his career could be. Combs decided to donate every dollar he made doing meet & greets to Camp Sunshine, a program that supports children battling cancer.

Stop being so awesome.