16 Sunny Sweeney Songs You Need to Hear

Sunny Sweeney is one of the artists that, if you know her music, you are a hardcore fan, but if you're a fan of what the radio spins, you may not know her. Most people around my age who "didn't like country until they heard Sam Hunt" probably missed the brief window where the radio had half a brain and had Sunny Sweeney climbing the charts. Included on this list is her song From a Table Away, which is her only top 10 hit, from her only top 10 album. But here are 15 more songs that you need to hear.

16. But You Like Country Music (With Brennen Leigh)

15. It Wrecks Me

14. Front Row Seats

13. Ten Years Pass

12. Uninvited

11. Trophy

10. Second Guessing

9. Better Bad Idea

8. Used Cars

7. Lavender Blue

6. From a Table Away

5. Fall For Me

4. My Bed (feat. Will Hoge)

3. Bottle By My Bed

2. Staying's Worse Than Leaving

1. Unsaid