Why Kona Big Wave is My Favorite Summer Beer

I like beer. I drink a lot of it. During the Fall and Winter, I drink stouts and porters. During the Spring, maybe a nice IPA. However, once it's 75+ out, the sun is burning my wonderfully pale ginger skin, and when the weekends mean porch drinking with friends, I bust out my favorite beer:


Wait, no.

Kona Big Wave.

This beer is light and smooth. It makes you feel like you're sitting on a beach in Hawaii, even though I'm sitting on a porch in the middle of Illinois. But there's a bigger reason why I love this beer, beyond the taste.

I was introduced to Big Wave the summer of 2013, while living off campus at my alma mater, Augustana College. I was at a bar less than a block away from my house with 3 of my friends who were also staying in town for the summer. Being the broke college kids we were, we were drinking the cheapest beer we could get our grubby, alcoholic hands on.

Don't worry. It was just Bud Light. I am not about to bash the heavenly Big Wave.

But as my friends and I do best, we killed their keg of Bud Light. Disheartened, we were about to leave, but then the bartender, aka my best friend that I don't know, told us they have this great beer on tap for the same price as a special for the night. It was Kona Big Wave. 

We drank it. We loved it. Every night we decided to drink for the rest of that summer, which was probably 5 of 7 nights a week, we started with a six pack of Big Wave. We'd be outside grilling, playing Kan Jam, and cranking some tunes up loud, all while drinking our new favorite summer beer.

Nowadays, most country songs of the summer are written for college-aged people, talking about spring break and parties. I love reminiscing about college, even if those songs get tired. But this beer is my version of remembering the good ole days. Every summer, I crack open a 6 or 12 pack of Kona on the weekends and just remind myself that life is good.

Drink beer and love life.