3 Artists We Haven't Heard From in a While

I'm not saying these artists aren't touring. In fact, I know they are because I've seen two of them within the last year. But I haven't gotten a new album from any of them in at least 4 years. They've released new songs unattached to any album, cover albums, and greatest hits albums, but I need more! Here are three artists I haven't heard from in a while.

Gary Allan

Last Album Release: January 2013

Gary Allan's last album came out in January of 2013, four and a half years ago. I've heard everything from his studio is jerking him around to he just can't decide what to put on the album. Just choose ten and release it!

In 2015, he released the single Hangover Tonight which did not sound like classic Gary. It seemed that he was allowing someone to tell him what to record or that he was just trying to fit into the pop/bro country that is plaguing the radio. He even had Chris Stapleton sing backup vocals on the track, who was riding high off the success of his debut solo album Traveller at the time. 

After Hangover Tonight failed to break into the top 40, he followed it with his next single Do You Wish it Was Me? Possibly even a further step away from classic Gary, this track failed to crack the top 50, let alone 40.

However, we seem to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as just earlier this year, Allan released a new single titled Mess Me Up, which sounds so classic Gary that it hurts. Currently, it is doing better than Do You Wish it Was Me?, but is still struggling to find traction on the radio. But hearing this new song makes me hopeful that we will be getting Gary Allan's tenth studio album sooner than later.

Rodney Atkins

Last Album Release: October 2011

Not counting his Greatest Hits album in 2015, it has been almost six years since Rodney Atkins' last true album released. Some would say that it's because of his run-in with the law in 2011, but seeing as all charges against Atkins were cleared less than a year later, I don't think that can stop someone's career dead in their tracks. 

Since his last album, Take a Back Road, Atkins has released two singles. Doin' It Right was his first, released in 2013, and failed to crack the top 50. I enjoy this song, as it is an upbeat message about how if you are failing at points in your life, you are doing life correctly because nothing comes easy.

Next, he released the single Eat Sleep Love You Repeat, which was also included on his Greatest Hits album. Doing a little better than Doin' It Right, it is still failing to make an impact on the radio. Last I heard about anything new coming out, Atkins said that he hoped to have his new album out by Spring..... of 2016.

Jamey Johnson

Last Album Release: September 2010

This is it. The Great White Buffalo. Not counting his tribute album to Hank Cochran, it has been seven. Yes, seven. Years. Johnson has come out with different explanations why, including how poorly songwriters get paid and that he has suffered a concussion which makes focusing on songwriting damn-near impossible.

The Guitar Song is a masterpiece album, and fans of Johnson have waited 7 long years to hear something new. I've seen him in concert 3 times since that cd came out, and he sticks to performing old songs he's written. He cowrote the song Kicked Outta Country with George Strait, which helps get across his point that country music is not doing him any favors. Jamey Johnson has put in his time. George Strait has put in decades and has over 60 #1 hits. Yet they have no pull on the radio anymore.

I don't know when we'll get something new from Jamey Johnson, but I hope it is soon.