Why Country Hodge Podge?

When coming up with the idea for Country Hodge Podge, we got stuck on what the name should be. It came out of our Podcast's name, The Hodge Podgecast. I guess we should take a step back and start there.

If you had to guess, you'd probably assume that it's a play on my and Kevin's last name. Well, you would be correct. However, it also comes from the expression everyone knows: hodge podge. If you google the expression, it is defined simply as "a confused mixture." If that doesn't sum up Kevin and myself, I don't know what does.

As two single twenty-somethings, we don't really know where we are in life. We are two working adults putting in 40+ hour weeks every week. We find time to work out and play beer league sports. We find time to hop on Xbox and shoot things. We have passions and interests that extend from sports to beer to country music to video games to art. We are an amalgamation of everything. I read IGN and Game Informer as much as I read Saving Country Music. I listen to video game, improv, sports, and murder mystery podcasts when I'm not listening to my 1000+ country song Spotify playlists. Kevin pays as much attention to ESPN Chicago as he does to Oscar season. I have a Harry Potter tattoo and a Waylon Jennings tattoo.

Nothing about us makes sense when put together. So when we were planning and starting our podcast, I added the subtitle "Country Music and Other Random Shit" to the image that would be plastered onto iTunes. We very often fall into rants about hockey, movies, and video games in the middle of discussing Sam Outlaw and Jason Isbell on our podcast. Is it ADD? Maybe. Is it ADHD? Probably. Is it ACDC? That doesn't make sense.

When talking about country music, it's a hodge podge in its own sense. We love traditional country music. We will defend Waylon and Merle until our dying breath. Cody Jinks is the greatest name in country music today. But at times, bro country sneaks its way onto our Spotify queues. When it's a warm Saturday afternoon, we'll crank up a drinking song while we drink and play beer pong. Pop country doesn't bother us (too much) when the mood is right. We love Texas, Oklahoma, Nashville, and California country. Hell, we love a lot of Canadian country. As I've discussed before, country music is so much more than those who are outside of the genre think it is. We are not here to tell you "HEY, THAT'S NOT COUNTRY! DON'T LISTEN TO IT!" Well, it might slip out occasionally that we don't think someone is country, but I will never tell you not to listen to anyone. Love what you love.

That is where the name Country Hodge Podge comes from. This website will hopefully have something for everyone, traditionalists and pop fans alike. Let's all crack a beer and talk about this music and the greatest goddamn country in the world.