My Most Played Songs of 2017: 100-91

As I'm sure most of you know, Spotify has released it's site for you to check out your music listening habits and statistics. I love checking it out and seeing what I was up to in a year's time. I figured I would share my 100 most played songs over the course of the next ten days and talk about why they're songs I love. Outside of my top 5, I don't think the list is in a specific order. A lot of artists will be on here more than once.

100. Sunny Sweeney - My Bed (feat. Will Hoge)

With the release of her newest album, Trophy, and starting our podcast, I became a little obsessed with Sunny Sweeney. I had listened to some of her songs on and off since I first heard From a Table Away in 2010, but never really appreciated her music in its entirety until I started binging it this year. Now I will tell everyone I know to listen to her. My Bed , a duet with Will Hoge, is about a couple who has fallen out of love and is now just sharing a bed.

99. Cody Johnson - Guilty As Can Be

Cheating and murder, two staples in country music. Cody Johnson doesn't hold back in this song about finding out his wife hasn't been faithful. He knows he can't get himself to kill a woman, so the man who found his way into Johnson's bed has to pay the price and face his .45. Tough luck.

98. Josh Turner - Wonder

From his 2017 album, Deep South, Josh Turner explores a feeling and thought process anyone who has gone through a break has felt. "Is she thinking about me? I wonder if we could make it work. I wonder if she feels how I do." It's not a fun feeling.

97. Jesse Raub Jr. - Good Man Go Wrong (feat. Cody Johnson)

All it takes to lose yourself is a bad heartbreak. Jesse Raub Jr. and Cody Johnson tell a story of a good man who has been broken down by a bad break up. They are now drinking away their pain and letting everything go. Everything's going wrong.

96. Dustin Lynch - Cowboys and Angels (Acoustic Version)

Dustin Lynch had a promising start to his career. I looked forward to hearing more when he debuted with this terrific song. Sadly, it was a one and done, as he turned to staying relevant with pop music rather than keeping it traditional. However, we'll always have one good song from him, and I prefer the acoustic version.

95. Trace Adkins - Muddy Water

Trace Adkins is an artist whom I forget still makes music sometimes. However, I still love listening to the tunes he has put out in the last decade and before. X is my favorite album of Trace's and I am sure other songs from the album will be popping up on this list down the road.

94. Olivia Lane - Love Thing

I've been listening to Olivia Lane since she popped up on my discover over a year ago. This was the first song I heard by her and remains my favorite, along with Make My Own Sunshine. She's turned to more pop music recently, but hopefully she'll release some traditional music again along with it down the road. This song is about a girl who's bored of the laundry list steps of dating and wishes for more excitement in her dating life.

93. Luke Combs - Hurricane

Honestly, I'm surprised it's not higher on the list. Hurricane was one of my most played songs of 2015 and 2016. Maybe it's worn on me in the time since, but this song remains one of my favorites on the radio, though that's not saying much.

92. Josh Abbott Band - She's Like Texas

The first song I ever heard by Josh Abbott Band. Still one of my favorites. Texans love Texas, so it's only fitting that they would describe how much they love a girl by comparing her to the state.

91. Jason Isbell - Traveling Alone

Ever since I heard Southeastern back in 2013, I have loved Jason Isbell's music. Traveling Alone is a gorgeous song about a man who hasn't lived his life very well, but wants to move on from that lifestyle and stop living alone.