My Most Played Songs of 2017: 80-71

We continue the list with ten more great songs. Catch up on the previous 20 before checking out this list!


80. Muscadine Bloodline - Porch Swing Angel

If you haven't heard of Muscadine Bloodline, listen to this song right now. I'll have another of theirs on a future list, and they are a band that you need to keep your eyes on. They're destined for big things. Porch Swing Angel is a beautiful love song about sitting on that porch swing with the love of your life.

79. Ryan Beaver - Dark

I have been obsessed with this song since it was released in 2015, and I still listen to this song very often (obviously). Dark tells a story of a man who has been through the worst of it, and is now so jaded that the worst of the worst can't even phase him. Been there.

78. Trace Adkins - This Ain't No Love Song

Trace is gonna pop up a lot, so get ready. This song is not only catchy, but it has the Ocean Front Property-esque message of "I'm totally over you, but not really."

77. BJ Barham - The Unfortunate Kind

What easily resides in the top 5 of most goddamn depressing songs I've ever heard, BJ Barham masterfully pens an acoustic song about a struggling couple that becomes a struggling widow. Ain't funny how it all works out.

76. Whiskey Myers - Broken Window Serenade

Listen to Cody Cannon's explanation of the song below. It's sad and beautiful.

75. Trace Adkins - Between the Rainbows and the Rain

A bonus track on Trace Adkins' delxue edition of the album Cowboy's Back in Town, the cover of the Chris LeDoux song is about a man who walked out on a girl and regrets it.

74. Aaron Lewis - I Lost It All

When I die I'll go to Heaven
Because I spent my time in Hell
I've never claimed to know the answers
But I've faked it pretty well

Aaron Lewis is great at writing songs about being down and out. This song may be the king of them.

73. Ryan Beaver - How About You

Sometimes it's difficult to beat around the bush. You want to ask this girl to be with you, but it's tough to ask in a good way, so you just say, "I'm lonely, how about you?"

72. Cody Jinks - David

In what might be the saddest song ever, Jinks tells the story of his friend David. David and Jinks grew up together but parted ways when Jinks joined the marines and David fell into the small town rut. When Jinks came back and joined the police force, David had a family that he wasn't taking very good care of. Jinks saw David one last time on a rainy night speeding down the road...

71. Jarrod Birmingham - Jesus and Johnny Cash (feat. Kevin Fowler)

In a rare funny song on a list, Birmingham and Fowler talk about things they have and haven't done, and once they die, they're gonna meet Jesus and Johnny Cash.