My Most Played Songs of 2017: 70-61

Every day, I'm posting ten more of my top 100 played songs of 2017. Catch up on the previous 30 below before checking out this list:


70. Wheeler Walker Jr. - Fuck You Bitch

Sometimes you just can't hold back how you feel about your ex. Wheeler perfectly encapsulates those feelings.

69. Jason Isbell - 24 Frames

Honestly, this song is hard to understand. I just really like it. I'm tired.

68. Will Hoge - Growing Up Around Here

When I graduated high school, I never wanted to return to my hometown, but now I love going home to visit my family. This song matches those feelings.

67. John Moreland - 3:59 AM

John Moreland is one of the best lyricists ever. It took me forever to realize that this is a song about asking someone to marry you.

66. Mike Ryan - Wasting No More Whiskey

Drinking someone off of your mind is a losing battle, so Mike Ryan decided that he's not going to waste the booze trying to do so.

65. Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign

My only non-country song on my top 100, this is my favorite song to listen to while working out.

64. Whiskey Myers - Lonely East Texas Nights

Touring is a lonely thing, and Whiskey Myers talks about wanting to get off the road and come home.

63. Eric Church - Where She Told Me To Go

After his girl left and told him to go to hell, Eric Church felt like he was there when nothing was going right.

62. Sunny Sweeney - Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass

On a Friday, all you want to do is get off work and be free. Sunny says that if you don't want to join her, you can kiss her ass.

61. Randy Rogers Band - Interstate

The first song I ever heard by Randy Rogers. Still my favorite.