Congratulations on your #1, Bebe Rexha... Wait... Who?

This week the Bebe Rexha song Meant To Be apparently became the first song by a female artist to debut at number one on the “country” Billboard charts. Because of course it did. The song – a legitimate pop song – features the Florida Georgia Line bros, and therefore is being considered country. I don’t care if you like Bebe Rexha, I don’t care if you like FGL, but if you do like them can you honestly tell me that you believe that this song is a country song?

What’s so wrong with the pop charts? Shit, Bebe herself has previously been nominated for the Billboard music awards “Top Dance/Electronic Song” for 2016… why the pivot? And by pivot, I mean why is her label pushing so hard for a pivot to country music radio? People who like her music thus far probably like the fact that it is NOT country. Also, those who do like country are already being turned off by FGL, who recently had their first single fail to reach the top 3 on radio.

I want everyone to note that through this article thus far I have said nothing bad about the song. I have simply stated the fact that it is a legit pop song, and I questioned if anyone really truly believes it to be country. I don’t listen to pop music, but if you do, you might like it. She seems like she has a good voice, and based on the minor research I’ve done (I honestly didn’t know much at all about her prior to this) it seems like she has had solid success in pop music. This is exactly why this whole story confuses me so much – why force this song into country radio when you were doing fine without it? I will listen to country radio just as much now as I did before (spoiler alert, the amount is zero), so this does not affect me in the slightest. It does however continue the cycle of more and more things being called and accepted as country where I do not even comprehend where they are coming from.