Hear Koe Wetzel's New Tune 'Austin'

Koe Wetzel surprise dropped a new single, Austin, this past Friday. The release makes me beg the question of whether Koe has an entire new album (or EP) planned to drop in 2018, or if this was just a one-off release to appease the fans. Since his last album, Noise Complaint, came out less than a year ago in March 2017, I couldn’t imagine a full release to occur until mid/late 2018. Either way, its nice to get some new music from the Texas Native that has been building a steady, avid fanbase within the Texas scene.

In Austin, Koe laments hearing the news that his ex has moved to Austin, and has ‘done moved on’ from him by living with her new lover in this new city. According to Koe, she always hated it down in Austin, so its hard to believe that not only is she over him and with someone new, but she’s also gone to the last place he’d imagine just to get away.