Watch Out Sam Hunt, Walker Hayes is Quickly Taking Your Title of Worst Thing to Ever Happen to Country Music

Is it possible? Is there a changing of the guards in bro country music where the walking legoblock head known as Walker Hayes is taking over the mantle of the absolute worst thing in “country” music today?

As many people who have paid attention to either our site or our podcast know, Walker Hayes is releasing a new album at some point (don’t honestly care to find out when), and has been releasing singles in anticipation. This all got started with arguably the worst song I’ve ever heard, called You Broke Up With Me, and was followed by several others and most recently the song Beer In The Fridge. This song is not country. This song is not good. There is nothing appealing about half talking/half singing in a quiet voice with a hip/hop drumbeat and artificial finger snaps in the background as the only sound. 

I have been team Sam Hunt for a long time in terms of who I’d give the crown to for “thing I most hate in country music today” and/or “person who is ruining the genre most,” but after the recent efforts of Walker Hayes, there is certainly an argument that could be made that he is soon to assume the throne. If you are having too good of a day and need to knock it down a few pegs for some reason, take a listen below: