Cody Jinks to Re-Release 'Less Wise'

Cody Jinks is re-releasing his “debut” album, Less Wise, with updated recordings of the entire album as well as 3 bonus tracks. I put the word ‘debut’ in quotes due to the existence of the Cast No Stones and Collector’s Item albums (which I wrote about here), but for all intents and purposes, Less Wise was his solo debut back in 2010. Apparently when it was released, they had a limited budget, and so the quality of the recording had room to improve. I’ve never had any issues with that, and to be honest I like albums that have a gritty feel to them because they feel that much more authentic. However, I’m all for listening to the updated recordings. The bonus tracks, which are available upon pre-order when done digitally, are alternate cuts of Hippies & Cowboys and Somewhere in the Middle, as well as a cover of Hank Jr’s Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound.

Both Steve and I have written about Jinks, referred to him on our podcast many times, and have seen him live more than once… so it goes without saying that I think this album is great anyway. If you have not listened to it before, I highly recommend checking it out before the re-release date of November 17 (according to iTunes where I pre-ordered it), but also be sure to either purchase a copy or stream it once it becomes available.