The Ameripolitan Awards Look to Honor and Recognize Real Country Music

The first line in the “about” section of the Ameripolitan Awards website states:

We’re not leaving Country Music behind, we’re taking “real” country music with us.

One look at the nominees and you’ll notice that the awards are sticking to just that. Among the nominations are CHP favorites Cody Jinks, Luke Bell, Charley Crocket, Nikki Lane, Whitney Rose, Whitey Morgan & the 78’s, and many others. The categories of nominations are also great as they feature Honky Tonk Male/Female/Group, Outlaw Male/Female/Group, Rockabilly Male/Female/Group, as well as even including a category for best venue, among others.

The thing that stands out to me most about these awards, more than the great nominations, is why it was created in the first place. Per the Ameripolitan website:

In our opinion, it is time to concede the point [on the defining of country music], leave them all to their own devices, and put the whole unpleasant chapter behind us. Once we have stopped wasting our time defending the “good name” of country music, or decrying the ill-suited alternatives, we can go back to where the record skipped and continue on from there.

Essentially, instead of creating the awards out of spite for how terrible the mainstream country market, and all affiliated awards platforms have become, this awards show was created out of respect for the legends of old as well as those who currently create authentic and real country music. I know I’ve been guilty of focusing much of my time on fighting people over what is and is not country, when instead, I could just be grateful for all of the amazing artists that I have discovered over time. Because when it all boils down, I listen to the music I want to listen to, and the existence of terrible music on the radio doesn’t have any effect on the tremendous music I have at my fingertips every day.

The Nominees:

Honky Tonk Male
Luke Bell
Tilford Sellers
Zephaniah Ohora
Casey James Prestwood
Charley Crockett
Honky Tonk Female
Brennen Leigh
Kristina Murray
Tommy Ash
Whitney Rose
Emily Nenni
Honky Tonk Group
The Country Side of Harmonica Sam
The Rhyolite Sound
The Lawrence Peters Outfit
Green Line Travelers
The Reeves Brothers
Outlaw Male
James Carothers
Scott H. Biram
Prag Padilla
Steve Griggs
Cody Jinks
Outlaw Female
Summer Dean
Andrea Colburn
Rebecca Jed
Nikki Lane
Sarah Gayle Meech
Outlaw Group
Bucksnort Beauties
Whitey Morgan and the 78s
Barnyard Stompers
Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts
Jenny Don’t & The Spurs
Rockabilly Male
Levi Dexter
Bloodshot Bill
Josh Sorheim
Al Dual
Art Adams
Rockabilly Female
Rockin’ Bonnie
Bailey Dee
Lindsay Beaver
Anita O’Night
Lily Locksmith
Rockabilly Group
The Go Getters
Matt & The Peabody Ducks
The Kokomo Kings
Don Diego Trio
The Twilight Drifters
Western Swing Male
Jason Roberts
Billy Mata
Kyle Eldridge
Keenan Wade
Bobby Flores
Western Swing Female
Sophia Johnson
Wendy Newcomer
Carolyn Sills
Grace Adele
Stacey Lee Guse
Western Swing Group
Mike Penny & His Moonshiners
The Farmer and Adele
The Carolyn Sills Combo
The Western Toneflyers
The Railhouse band
Don the Beachcomber, Huntington Beach CA
American Legion Hall Post 82, Nashville TN
Southgate House Revival, Newport KY
Lee’s Liquor Lounge, Minneapolis MN
The Nashville Palace, Nashville TN
Skinny Dennis, Brooklyn, NY
Knuckleheads, Kansas City MO
The White Water Tavern, Little Rock AR
4 Corners Music Hall, Untermeitingen Germany
Sportsmen’s Tavern, Buffalo NY
Colonel Paco Chaos, 88.1fm WRFL
W.B. Walker, Old Soul Radio Show Podcast
Bailey George, 105.7fm WBCM
Woody Adkins, 89.5fm KOPN
Jimi Palacios, 102.3fm WHIV
Screamin’ Festival, Calella, Spain
The Rockabilly Rave, England UK
Summer Jamboree, Senigallia Italy
New England Shake Up, Sturbridge MA
Rockin’ Race Jamboree, Torremolinos-MálagSpain
Chris Scruggs
Mike Bernal
Peter Andersson
Rose Sinclair
Katie Shore 

You can check out more about the Ameripolitan Awards on their site here: