It's Her Move in This Josh Kelley Tune

Have you ever had that feeling that you've done everything you can? You've exhausted every emotion and just want the effort in return. What do you do when they refuse to do their half?

Josh Kelley explores this idea in his 2016 song It's Your Move. I feel like everyone can say that they've been in the position where the other party expects you to be doing everything to keep the ship afloat while they just watch it sink.

Do you want me to stop you?
Should I make a scene?
Throw my beer at the wall?
Do you want me to scream that I don't really love you?
Cause I really do
Girl, I don't wanna fight
I've got nothing to prove
If you want this as bad as I do, then it's your move

Like many emotional or heartbreaking songs, this one hits home.